I received the following email around midnight last night:

Dear Lisa Pietsch,
Congratulations! Your Kindle Scout nomination Compromised has been selected for publication by Kindle Press.
As a thank you for your time — and great taste — we are going to send you a free copy of the book before it is officially published. We’ll let you know when your early, free copy is available for download.
The author, Lawrence Kelter, wanted to make sure you received this thank you message:
“Whether I received your nomination or not I’d like to thank you for taking the time to immerse yourself in my story. Writing the Stephanie Chalice character is a labor of love. I hope it gave you some measure of enjoyment. If you’d like to know more about me and my work please take a peek at my website:www.lawrencekelter.com or follow me on Facebook and Twitter. I love getting mail. My contact is:larrykelter@aol.com.”
There is no better way to celebrate than by scouting more books!
Three cheers for reader-powered publishing!
The Kindle Scout team
I’m very excited by this particular event for several reasons:
  1. Larry is a client of mine
  2. I’m really enjoying his Chalice series
  3. Kindle Scout is a new program that can open a lot of doors for independent authors.
  4. Having a book selected by Kindle Scout is about mobilizing your network.

Lawrence Kelter

Lawrence Kelter is an international bestseller with an epic backlist.  He’s collaborated on antholigies with some of my favorites like Dan Ames/Dani Amore, Zoë Sharp and many more.  He’ll be a participating author at this year’s ThrillerFest and a featured author in the discussion “PLANES, TRAINS, OR SURFBOARDS? Keeping The Pace Moving”.

Stephanie Chalice

One of my favorite things about Stephanie Chalice: She talks like a cop.  Kelter keeps her real, not some romanticized version of real.  I find it easier to fall into a story when the characters feel real to me.

Kindle Scout Opening Doors

rwaKindle Scout is a program that is going to open a lot of doors for a whole lot of authors.  Many of us have gone indie in recent years, but not having the street cred of being traditionally published and receiving advances can really ding us when it comes time to join a professional organization like the Romance Writers of America.  (Sure, you can join RWA, but self-published doesn’t automatically equate to PAN credentials and that means less cred & access at conference and exclusion from the RWA speaker’s bureau.)  With Kindle Scout, selected books will be published by Kindle Press (publisher) and receive 5-year renewable terms (contract), a $1,500 advance (the golden ticket for PAN membership status), 50% eBook royalty rate (less than a 75% self-published rate but still better than the industry standard of 15%), easy rights reversions and featured Amazon marketing.
kindleI love the way Kindle Scout success depends upon an author’s network and ability to muster their readers.  It is a testament to the power of social networking and involves an author’s fans in getting their next read to market ASAP.  Kindle makes this plain in their instructions to authors:
“Plan how you’re going to let your fans and network know that you’re putting your book up for a publishing contract. Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and email lists you have accumulated over the years are great places to start…The more nominations your book receives the more likely it will get the attention of our Kindle Scout team and be selected for publication.”
So you’re not traditionally published by one of the big publishing houses and you don’t like ceding control to a small ebook only house.  Kindle Scout provides a great middle ground where you have all the street cred of a traditionally published author, the backing of a huge promotional machine, and the benefits of indie author payment rates.  And did I mention the fans who nominate your book get a free copy before it is released to the public?  Publishing genius.

All About the Network

As a Social Media Consultant who outlines and manages social media strategy, I find the nomination method used by Kindle Scout to not only be very effective, but also very gratifying.  This is just another door that optimal social media management can open for aspiring authors and established authors alike.  Kindle Scout is cutting edge publishing using all the technological tools that matter TODAY.  I like it!
Check out Lawrence Kelter’s soon to be released book, Compromised below:
Rogue detective stalks a cop killer.
Two shots ring out from a rooftop. When the smoke clears, Detective Chalice is down and her rookie partner is dead. She’s sustained a traumatic head injury that has left her suffering with seizures and a compromised memory. Hurt, raw, and angry, she’s out for vengeance and will let nothing stand in her way as she pursues the shooter, and a psychopath who has taken the life and dignity from a promising high school student.