Without joy, there is only angst.

If there’s one thing I learned the HARD way in 2015, it is that if something isn’t bringing joy to my life, it needs to go.

Regardless of how much I may be getting paid to experience such a thing – whether it be a difficult client, tedious work, or just crumbs on the floor – if it brings no joy to my life, then it just doesn’t belong.

When I realize that something is causing me angst, I need to have the wisdom to identify it and ask myself why I’ve brought this situation into being.

Is there a lesson to be learned here?  Am I doing it out of a feeling of obligation?  Am I doing it wrong?  Have I tried to change the situation?

Once I consider those questions, my path is clear.

Today, I began the day with angst.  Luckily, my partner is a wonderful sounding board and helped me to realize that I’ve been sinking money, time and emotion into a project that will never return my investment.  It was the continued angst that made me realize it is time to let it go.