Sometimes you just don’t need to hire a full-time staffer.  All you need is a few tedious jobs taken care of quickly and without hassle.  That’s where my social media a la carte services come in.

All of these services are offered direct to consumer or as an outsourcing solution to public relations firms, virtual assistants and publishers.

automation, Social Media Services, social automation, Social Media A La Carte, social Media The Automation Answer

I will connect all of your social networks and websites to work together and post automatically to each other whenever possible, to include: Blogs, Facebook Profile, Facebook Page, Twitter, Vine, Tumblr, Pinterest, Linkedin, Amazon Author Pages, etc.  I will then post links to all of your old blogs and your back list (authors) to your Tumblr queue and automate scheduled social posting by Tumblr.

Benefits: Future ongoing connectedness and additional web traffic.

Cost: $100 (includes first 100 posts or books, $50 for each additional 100 posts).


seo, Social Media Services, social media, search engine optimization service, Social Media A La Carte, social MediaBlog Search Engine & Social Optimization

I will add free use photos to all of your blogs without photos and incorporate relevant tags and SEO terms.  I will then pin all of you blogs, by category, to your Pinterest Boards (creating new boards as needed).

Benefits: Better search engine rankings and loaded Pinterest boards.

Cost: $100 (includes first 100 posts, $50 for each additional 100 posts).


coffee klatch, social, Social Media Services, introvert, engage audience , Social Media A La Carte, social Media Small Group Promotion (The Coffee Klatch)

I will promote 1-5 authors for one calendar month in blogs and throughout various networks in a social campaign.  I will utilize posts, comments, questions, reviews, and blogs to create dynamic social posts that will allow you to appear accessible to your audience, engage them and grow your reach in an authentic, organic way.

Benefits: Somebody else is tooting your horn so you don’t have to and social reach expansion.

Cost: $100 for the first author ($50 for each additional author).


moving, moving your blog, moving from one website to another, Social Media Services, Social Media A La Carte, social MediaBlog Mover (The No Hassle Answer)

I will move your blog from Blogger, Blogroll, LiveJournal, Movable Type, TypePad, Tumblr, or WordPress (.com or .org) to your new WordPress (.com or .org) website.  I will install all of your blogs chronologically as well as install all images, pages, branding, social links, social sharing, and social network connectivity.  I will also handle any redirection of domains necessary as well.

Benefit: You make the move to a more user-friendly, socially connected website/blog without breaking a sweat.  This is an excellent solution for anyone who has been putting off merging all of their websites/blogs into a single branded site.

Cost: $100 for each blog/branding imported


fix your face, Social Media Services, branding, cohesion, consistent branding Fix Your Face (The Branding Solution)

I will update all of your cover & profile photos, biographies (bios), links, and feeds on booksellers’ websites (Amazon, Smashwords, etc.), Goodreads, Facebook Profile and Page, Twitter, Vine, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram.

Benefit: You will have a cohesive branding scheme that is consistent throughout all of your social networks.

Cost: $100


All of these services are offered direct to consumer or as an outsourcing solution to public relations firms, virtual assistants and publishers.

Social Media A LA CARTE