Get Ripped in 90 DaysI have a hard time eating on schedule – I may see something shiny and completely forget to eat.  I used to think that was a good thing, but now I realize it is playing havoc with my middle-aged metabolism.  In an attempt to remember to eat, I downloaded a meal timer app for my phone.

The problem with that is that I leave my notifications off while I’m working.  (Working is how I get distracted and forget to eat.)

So, despite my intentions, my app thinks I’m a super slacker and when I finally acknowledged my meals at midnight, my app told me: “Maybe you should try harder”.












Needless to say, that app is history.

My darling companion (superfit bodybuilder that he is) thought that was just hysterical.

I’m hard enough on myself as it is.  The last thing I need is an app getting passive-aggressive on me about meal times.

So here I am, knowing I’m uncomfortably heavy, eating healthy, occasionally exercising and occasionally forgetting to eat.  I’m not exactly the poster girl for great fitness.

There was a time, several times, but none of them are now.  I’m staring down the barrel of 50 so it isn’t like I can just keep procrastinating.  It’s time for a change and that change has to happen now.

Yesterday, I spent some time preparing a space to exercise.  In my case, it was the garage.

  • Custom_P90X_Lean_CalendarI organized some storage and found some room for the TV and a carpet in front of it that would double as an exercise mat.
  • I connected the Wii to the TV and found my Wii Fit Plus and Wii Sports programs.  I’m a big fan of the Wii boxing and almost reached Pro rank the last time I put some effort into it.  I figure a little boxing between computer tasks might slow the ever-widening butt under me.
  • I connected a DVD player to the TV and found my P90X discs.  I decided to try the P90X Lean program.  I’ve got muscle – it’s just under a significant layer of fat – so something that’ll help cut some fat to start could be motivational.

eat the frogAfter 4 hours of interrupted sleep, I finally stopped tossing and turning in bed and got up at 5:45 this morning (which is unheard of for me and, I might add, completely unnecessary).  I thought I might as well do something productive and “eat the frog” (Mark Twain’s idea of doing the most difficult work of the day first).

I went out to the garage, loaded the Wii Balance Board with fresh batteries and got started.  I did the initial weigh-in which provided no surprises:

  • Height 5’8″
  • Weight 204
  • Bodyfat 40%
  • BMI 31 (Just enough to qualify me as obese)



Wuhu_Island_3DSAnd here’s how my first day went:

I did 30 minutes of reacquainting myself with the Wii Fit Plus program: I sat on the balance board and looked at a virtual candle until I got startled by some kung fool, played with hula hoops, got shoes thrown at me on the soccer pitch, showed no rhythm in the Rhythm Kung Fu, flew around in a chicken suit until I couldn’t manage to land and drowned, and finally gave up and just took a jog around Wuhu Island.  To be honest, I rather enjoy jogging & biking around the island.winning-baby

Then I plugged in the P90X Core Synergistics disc and let Tony Horton shame me.

I managed to complete the 5-minute warm-up and I was done.

Overall, it’s 35 minutes of activity I didn’t do yesterday, so I’m calling it a win.

Now that I’ve eaten the frog, I can drink my coffee and get some work done.  Maybe I’ll even take a nap today.