Buffer-Values-e1417635934521-1024x897As I mentioned previously, I don’t actually work for Buffer. I want to work for Buffer. I’m acting as if and doing the work now so they can see I’m truly passionate about working for them. (It’s all very Law Of Attraction, but even if they don’t decide to give me a try on the Buffer team, I’m getting some great reflection time in as I examine myself through these blogs.)

Today’s blog is about Buffer Core Value #6, Have a Bias Towards Clarity:



I love being clever, but I love quick, crisp, clean communication more.  When it comes to business, I like to get right to the point clearly and precisely.  Don’t dawdle or beat around the bush, just get to it.  Where this gets me into trouble is some people still prefer a good dollop of idle chit-chat as a warmup to talking business.  I hate to waste anyone’s time so clear and concise communications are always best in my book.  I’ve also found it is best not to ever act upon an assumption – that’ll always bite you in the butt.

I do get repetitive with my kids though…

“Please brush your teeth and wash your face after breakfast.”

“OK, Mom.”

“Son, what are you doing?”

“Being a Triceratops.”

“Did you brush your teeth yet?”


20 minutes later 

Toilet flushes.  Son emerges.

“Did you brush your teeth while you were in there?”

“Um…I don’t think so.”

Yeah, being a mother is repetitive.  Luckily, I don’t have to mother the people I work with.