See this Movie!

Three out of five stars didn’t bode well for the Baytown Outlaws, a movie we found streaming free on Amazon Instant Video (we’re Prime members). One thing I’ve discovered in my many years of action flick watching is that the critics don’t dig action.  If the critics say it sucks, chances are I’m going to love it.  True to form, I LOVED this movie!

grindhouseIf you liked the Grindhouse flicks or Pulp Fiction, stop reading here and just take my word for it.

You MUST see this crazy, campy, completely inappropriate, politically incorrect, celluloid gold.

Need Reasons?

For those of you who need more evidence as to why you should see this movie, here goes.

Billy Bob Thornton plays his usual piece of trash character and Eva Longoria plays the pretty piece, as was her lot prior to her hitting the jackpot with Devious Maids & Telenovela.  These are not stand-alone reasons to see any movie.  Meh…moving on…

Here’s the blurb: When three redneck brothers agree to help a woman save her godson from an abusive stepfather, they become targets on the run from an odd cast of characters.

Still no compelling reason to see the movie.

Paul Wesley is in this movie too.  Vampire Diaries fans will be thrilled.  He’s even got some good lines.

Still not really enough compelling reasons to see the movie.

The Hook

Here’s the real hook: three idiots that you expect to be completely unlikable become unlikely heroes despite the fact that this wildly entertaining movie is overflowing with blood and bullets and is equally offensive to whites, blacks, Hispanics, Jews, men, women, disabled, heterosexuals and homosexuals alike (I may have missed a few groups, but know that the writers were thorough in being offensive to all).

This is pulp, people: Politically incorrect and so real it sometimes hurts (but in a good way).

Watch this trailer and then watch the movie.  It is epic!

Do I believe there is any reason a fan of my books would NOT want to watch this movie?

“No.  No, indeed.  Hell no.” 

Watch it FREE now on Amazon Prime.