Ezekiel Style Healthy Donuts Recipe https://wp.me/paqxAL-1J9It’s the sprinkles that distract my kids into believing these are just awesome donuts.  Under the sprinkles and a thin glaze (hint: melt the frosting & drizzle it for easy, thin coverage) lies Ezekiel style, high protein bread made with lentil sprouts.

Some parents puree cauliflower and spinach and add it to spaghetti sauce.  Me, I bake super-healthy bread in the shape of a donut and add sprinkles and I’m a freaking hero.

7 Sprinkle-covered donuts at Dunkin Donuts would have cost me over six dollars.  These healthy donuts may have cost me one tenth of that and their nutritional value is solid with 5 grams of protein each.

Use my Basic Ezekiel Style Bread Recipe for these great baked healthy donuts.

  • Just cut them with a biscuit cutter and cut the holes with a shot glass.
  • Bake at 350 for 25 minutes.
  • Frost with sugar-free frosting and sprinkle as desired.

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And that was a day after having Dunkin Donuts.