Homemade Ezekiel Bread - Pass Bread, Not Gas https://wp.me/paqxAL-21TEzekiel Bread is Better Bread

In addition to all the benefits of using sourdough in your home (bread machine) breadmaking, you’ll want to consider using sprouts.  Sprouts and sprouted grain flours are the keys to the great high protein Ezekiel Bread I make at home all the time.  Did I mention I make this delicious, superfood for less than it costs to buy a regular loaf of bread at the store?  But more about that later.

Why sprouts in homemade Ezekiel bread, made in your bread machine, make it easily digestible and cause less gas and bloating. http://wp.me/p4hGmz-21TAre you one of the millions who finds breads make them bloat and get super gassy?  Many people have a sensitivity to breads that doesn’t go so far as being gluten intolerant but does make for bloated discomfort and some wretched gas.  Today, I’m going to tell you how I solved that problem for me – and just might solve it for you too.  Today we’ll talk about what those darling little sprouts can do to ease your pain and make digestion easier.

Bread & Bloat

For many, eating breads can be difficult.  Oh, yes, it’s delicious and delightful, and then it happens – drowsiness, gas, bloating, joint swelling and starch hangovers.  Then we wonder why we ever made the choice to surrender to such self-abuse.

Beans & Gas

Why sprouts in homemade Ezekiel bread, made in your bread machine, make it easily digestible and cause less gas and bloating. http://wp.me/p4hGmz-21TFor others, eating beans can be difficult.  You can make some great dishes with beans, they’re high in protein and fiber, good for your heart, and add color and flavor to meatless Mondays.  Unfortunately, they can be difficult to digest.  The gas can be painful (and embarrassing too).

Soaking beans and legumes neutralizes the natural enzyme inhibitors in them and kick starts the production of many beneficial enzymes.  As they soak, enzymes, lactobacilli and other helpful organisms spring to life to break down the phytic acid that makes them so difficult to digest (gassy).  Soaking beans overnight removes most of the phytic acid.  Soaking, fermenting and sprouting also break down gluten and other proteins into smaller components that are more easily absorbed by the human body (digestible).

Sprouts are more than the beans they were.  When they sprout, they become a living, enzyme-rich food that is nutritious and low in calories.  Vitamin A increases, lots of B vitamins will increase 5-10 times, and vitamin C increases too.  The protein is more easily digestible as the sprouting creates new enzymes and phytochemicals.  Unsprouted beans and legumes can be dangerous, but sprouted, they become pre-digested superfoods and far more than the simple seeds they were.

Another reason to use sprouts is they can bake up a remarkably fluffy and tasty bread!  Next, I’ll tell you all about what sprouts best and which legumes really love you for a long time.