Beans to Bread: Ezekiel Style Bread Cookbook

Baking sprouted and sourdough artisanal breads at home with your bread machine

New Release! Beans to Bread: Ezekiel Style Bread Cookbook (Revised and Updated) You Start

I am neither a doctor nor a professional baker, but I have applied several thousand hours toward improving my breadmaking skills (with the help of a bread machine) over the past five years.  You’ll find my writing style to be what you’d expect if you were sitting at the kitchen table with me.

The first edition of this book was published in 2015.  I was only two years into my Ezekiel breadmaking journey back then.  Over the past several years, I’ve improved my craft considerably and wanted to share all that I’ve learned since.

This second edition, like the first, calls for the use of a bread machine.  I don’t have a stand mixer, nor do I have the time or energy to mix bread dough by hand.  If you do, then I applaud you and hope you’ll be able to translate my recipe for your method.

While I began sprouting on the cheap with a modified ice cream container (you’ll see), I’ve since graduated to cloth sprouting bags and found them remarkably economical and efficient.  I’ll explain both methods in this edition.

While I’d like to please everyone, I do not have gluten free recipes, nor do I explain the sprouting, dehydrating, and milling of grains.  I use already milled sprouted wheat flour purchased from combined with bread flour.

With all of these disclaimers out in the open, I hope you’re still with me and we can do some baking together.

You can preview the book below and purchase the methods and recipes detailed in Kindle and Paperback.