If you aren’t on a tight budget like I was at the beginning of this Ezekiel bread baking adventure, then I highly recommend getting a sprouting bag in which to do your sprouting.  I found a package of two on Amazon for about $8.00 and they were worth every penny.  (They’re still in excellent shape after a year of use!)

With a sprouting bag, simply rinse the bag, put your dry beans or legumes inside, then place the whole bag in a bowl of water on a countertop overnight.  The next morning, remove the bag from the bowl, drain the water, rinse the beans in the bag, place the damp bag back in the dry bowl and then refrigerate.  You should see tiny sprouts develop in a day or two.

Speed Sprouting with the Mozart Method

Want to get your sprouts on the fast track?  This may be too woo-woo for some, but if you’re up for an experiment in the kitchen, you might try this.

While rushing nature isn’t something we are taught can be done, it seems we can help it along.  Dr. Masaru Emoto is widely known for a series of experiments he did on the molecular structure of water and its response to human consciousness.

Leopoldo Solis, a well known Tequila distiller plays Mozart for the yeast in his tequilas.  Some makers of wine and beer also use music during their processes to help them along.

I tried my own experiments with beans and found the ones we labeled/treated kindly sprouted earlier and unkind words kept some from sprouting at all.

Taking it a bit further, I set a bag of lentils to soak on the kitchen counter one day while I did errands.  The next morning when I drained them, I found sprouts!  Not just the little nubs that happen when the lentil splits open, but actual sprouts.  When I shared my surprise with my partner and asked if there was any change in the environment while I did errands the day before, he explained that he had just played a playlist on the nearby Echo Dot while I was away.  The playlist was a meditation playlist that uses the Solfeggio Frequencies of 528hz and above, the frequency of love.

That night, I set up some broccoli seeds to sprout.  Broccoli seeds had been particulary time consuming whenever I tried to sprout them previously and normally took about three days to finally sprout.  I set them up to soak overnight near the Echo Dot with the meditation playlist running.

The next morning, they had sprouted.

I now use this method whenever I start sprouts.  Strangely enough, the breads I make with the “Mozart Method” sprouts rise higher than any breads I’ve made before.

These are just my experiences and not scientific facts for scholarly journals.  I’m not here to challenge anyone’s beliefs or get you to start meditating.  You do you.  I’m just sharing my own experience.

Whether you choose to use this method or not is completely up to you, but this super fluffy pizza crust is HEAVEN.