Sometimes it’s just easier to start over…

I’ve started my life over so many times in this lifetime that I’m certain there are some tangled timelines that even the Fates can’t figure out. I’m OK with that. I recently started over again.

In November 2020, during a global pandemic, I sold my home in Texas and packed a few things in my travel trailer. My sons, who spent their early years living with me, were teens and looked forward to finally spending guy-time with their father who had retired from the Air Force.

As for me, there was a ghost that haunted me for nearly 30 years and I took off in search of it. That ghost was the muse that inspired my first book, The Path to Freedom. I found it in South Carolina. So here I am, starting over again, and finally taking the advice I’ve been giving friends for decades…

I’m taking care of ME.

After years of working seven days a week (I own and run Tequila Aficionado), I’m working in time for me. I go to the gym, run, weight train, and meditate. I’m not super disciplined at it yet, but I’m doing it in stages – which is prudent when you’re my age. I’m doing some healing from past trauma (that’s the big one). I’ve also started exploring some hobbies like video games (XBox), throwing sharp things (knives and axes), and I’ll be spending time at a shooting range again soon.

Amidst all of that, I want to write again. The Task Force 125 team isn’t getting any younger, but there are still so many stories I’ve dreamed up for them. If you’ve read the Task Force 125 books, thank you and I hope you enjoyed them. If you did enjoy them, I’m hoping to start publishing some short reads and could use Beta Readers. If you’re interested, please email me at

Thanks for reading! I’m rebuilding my website so please stop by again soon!