Paramilitary Action Adventure

Lisa is a tequila and mezcal lover, Managing Partner of Tequila Aficionado Media, and Publisher of Tequila Aficionado Magazine.

Formerly a military cop in the U.S. Air Force, Lisa speaks varying levels of French, Russian and Spanish, was trained as a Hostage Negotiator by the FBI, and worked with MI-5 on select personal security details. You’ll find many of these themes in her Task Force 125 series, stories of espionage and paramilitary operations centered around the character of Sarah Stevens who is recruited into the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Special Activities Division. If you enjoy James Bond, Mission Impossible, or The Expendables, you’ll want to meet the members of Task Force 125.

Lisa makes her home is upstate South Carolina with the love of her life, the man who inspired her Task Force 125 series.