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Frozen Hell was originally part of the shared world anthology, Seven Souls a Leaping, which was well received by reviewers but suffered from the closing doors of Sapphire Blue Publishing.

seven souls a leaping, 7 souls a leaping, heather long, KF zuzulo, Lisa Pietsch
Released January 2011

About Frozen Hell:frozen hell, lisa pietsch, seven souls a leaping

Danyelle Roy is a private investigator feeling the pinch of the economy. When she begs her friend Murphy, a bail bondsman, to give her some work, he does so reluctantly. Jeffrey Wiles isn’t the kind of criminal you want to send a cute redhead after. He slaughtered a 13-year-old girl while her parents slept and then used her blood to paint Satanic graffiti on the walls. Duncan MacDougal is a specialist in paranormal investigations and he’s never seen anything like the Satanic spellcasting done by Jeffrey Wiles. When Duncan and Dani team up to capture Wiles, the magic is overpowering.


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