Kissing the Frogman: Book #5 in the Task Force 125 Action/Adventure Series

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Jennifer Santiago can spot a special forces adrenaline junkie from miles away and knows the score. They’re great for a hook-up but lousy in the long-term relationship department. Lucky for her she was on the rebound and one of those junkies just walked into the casino.

Brian Allen had seen combat all around the world as a Navy SEAL and a paramilitary operations officer in the CIA’s Special Activities Division. When his team is given a cushy assignment as backup in Morocco, he quells the itch for action by taking a night to relax with a beautiful distraction. When she proved even more distracting, he was happy to take the Director’s call – until he realized his big distraction was the Director’s daughter.


It’s been a very long time since we got the last installation in the Task Force 125 series but it was definitely worth the wait. Kissing the Frogman is much more an action book than a romance which isn’t really new for this series. It was always more bang, bang than kiss, kiss with Sara and the crew and you won’t find any hot sex scenes in this story.
What you will find is non stop action that looks at some grown up themes. This is a much more mature Brian than we’ve seen before. He still appreciates a hot woman and he still loves making things go boom, but he’s having problems dealing with some of the things he’s done and the people he’s lost. Think the Daniel Craig Bond, more than the Roger Moore one.
When he meets Jennifer, the girl who owns the yacht in the next slip, he quickly realizes that this isn’t a girl who’s going to instantly fall into his bed and she decides she’s worth a little extra effort but little does he suspect who she really is or how much it’s going to take to get this girl.
Lisa Pietsch write great para-military action stories. She has a talent for weaving a good story and she knows her subject matter. She’s done her research into arms and armament. The roller coaster ride adventure that is Kissing the Frogman includes a lot of combat, both hand to hand and with weapons and they are painted so clearly that there was never a moment when that little voice in my head said “wait a minute, I don’t think it works that way.”
Kiss of the Frogman is a welcome addition to the Task Force 125 family and I sincerely hope that the next one won’t be far behind