Small steps that power up your mind and body to level up to your very best life

With some brain hacking, body hacking, and life hacking, Lisa takes you from design to done by peeling away the nonsense and showing you how to shine in life with all the authenticity, confidence, intelligence and self-awareness you’ve dreamed of. Life is too short to not live your best life now.
When would now be a good time for you to start?

Lisa Pietsch has been through the wringer more than once. Breakups. Homeless. Psycho roommates. Jobless. Divorce. Narcissist boyfriend. Single parent. Overweight. You name it, she’s been there! But resilience, a positive attitude and a plan always had her bouncing back.
Now she’s here to show you how to design and create the ideal you. Not the one your mother wants, or your partner wants, but the true you that you want to be, living the best life you’ve ever imagined.